Garter Snake Morph

by Jeff Benfer
Garter snake breeder, specializing in various garter snake morphs
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2013 Babies
  • Smoking hot erythristic flame easterns- possible het Schuett albino, bluegrass albino, melanistic, and snows. Tons of potential $175 each or $300/pair. (see birthing record page for pictures.
  • Red-sided garters 50% possible double het for Kansas strain and Iowa strain albino plus 66% poss het for anerythristic (aka their are poss het for two types of snow)new complete outcrossing $75 each.
  • Erythristic peach flame Schuett albino easterns also het for melanistic (aka het snow). $200 depending on how much orange color saturation (will not be ready for several weeks.
  • Normal-erythristic peach flame siblings to above $100-$150 depending on color.
  • Infernalis (neon blue phase) $175
  • Granite Checkereds $150
  • Blizzard radix $300 
  • Snow radix $100
  • Axanthic radix 66% possible het(p.h.)blizzard(black and blue, very sharp)$85
  • Axanthic radix 50% p.h. blizzard $75 (from different litter)
  • Normals 66% p.h.anerythristic, albino, 50% p.h. axanthic $50
  • Normals 100% het anerythristic, 50% p.h. albino $40
  • Chicago garters F2s from wild caught green axanthic $20
Adults for sale
Chicago garters hypo x green axanthic. I have decided to sell a couple of my proven adult breeding pair. The axanthic gene did not prove to be a simple recessive gene, but rather a polygenetic trait. They do however appear to be gaining more color as they age. These are big healthy beautiful snakes that are good proven breeders. Below is a picture of one of the females. Selling male/female pairs for $150/pair
2012 Schuett albino female- $150
2012 female erythristic peach flame schuett albino, pos het bluegrass albino eastern. $300. The one for sale is the one on the right with the least amount of orange, the others are not for sale.
2012 erythristic peach flame male 100% het schuett albino and pos het bluegrass albino eastern. The snake on the left is for sale $100, the sibling on the right is not for sale.











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