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12/24/10  It's Christmas Eve and we are snowed in so I thought I would take some pics of some of this years grow out snakes that are really starting to look nice. These guys probably won't breed until next spring unless they put on a lot of size in the next couple months, most are eating 2 large fuzzies per week.
07/29/10 A few new pics of some of this years babies
Erythristic/flame het albino eastern female- she is really starting to color up
Carteret Co. Erythristic pos het snow eastern-this snake is really starting to show the reds and oranges, should be outstanding as an adult.
Carteret Co. Erythristic Schuett albino eastern
The erythristic melanistic (black leopard)
The albino, erythristic and the erythristic melanistic (black leopard)
Updated photo of the worlds first snow red-sided female-this photo was taken on 6-13-09 about two months after she was born and already she is eating 2 pinkie mice every 3-4 days and growing like a weed now that she is on pinkies
Snow Red-Sided (World's First)
 Albino Red-Sided het anery ( het snow)
Anery Red-Sided
Normal red-sided possible het snow
Snow plains (Iowa Strain)
Albino plains (Iowa Strain)
Albino plains (Nebraska Strain)
Anerythristic plains
Axanthic plains (possible blizzard)
Carteret Co. erythristic albino- this is the first year these were produced 
Scott Felzer produced the first litter earlier this spring, and then a couple weeks later I produced this single male. This is a combination morph of the Erythristic (near solid red-orange snake) and the Albino genes.
Photo above taken on 6-4-09 after birth. The 2 Photos below are of same exact snake taken 6 months later on 12-13-09. This photo comparison demonstrates the color ontogeny associated with the Erythristic gene, the red-orange color will continue to intensify into adulthood, this snake and future offspring of the snake will continue to get better looking with age and size, I can't wait to see what this snake looks like in a year from now. 
Carteret Co Erythristic Albino Eastern- pictured above
Flame Albino eastern (Shuett strain) pictured above-this is a combination morph of the albino and flame genes. 
Eastern triple het-Schuett albino,melanistic, orange flame
Silver eastern- this is one of my latest aquisition, this male along with 12 het silvers, these were aquired from Scott Felzer, and in our oppinion is one of the most exciting new morphs. There are limited numbers of silvers in existance, and there will undoubtedly be some interesting combos produced in combination with this morph in the future. It appears to be a simple recessive gene and appears to reduce melanin as well as xathin to some extent.
This is a het silver female with a nice zipper pattern
Mohr line anerythristic offspring- This is an unproven genetic line of anerythristic eastern. The dame is a very dark looking wild caught and the sire was a flame son of dame backcrossed to mom(theoretically het anery if it is a recessive trait). These breedings were done by Scott Felzer thru a breeding lone. While none of the offspring were obvious anerys at birth I aquired from Jeff Mohn all of his offspring 12 total, all but 4 died. Of the 4 survivors I ended up with two high quality male flames and two females (see below). Of the 2 females one is getting progressively darker every shed, I can't wait to see her as an adult. The other femele is lighter, but they both lack any bright color, primarily melanin pigments in appearance, and both have an attractive busy granite like patterning.
Darker female Mohr anery lineage (getting darker with every shed and nice busy "grantite" like pattern) 
Lighter female-yet still has a nice granite like pattern
Male flame (Mohr anery lineage)-nice dark flame
Male flame (Mohr anery lineage) This male isn't as dark as the other flame but has a nice flame orange none the less.
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